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About Me

AOPMy name is Andrea Ong Pietkiewicz (until recently, I was still Andrea Ong Novak).

Back in the late 90s, while the economy was in a recession and I was in the middle of my doctorate in English Literature, I realized that an academic career in liberal arts was financially unsound. In my mind, advertising was simply a form of popular art with commercial backing, so with the full confidence that my B.A. in Economics and my M.A. in English Literature were proof positive of my theory, I embarked on my career in the marcom arena. I knew I would love it; after all, I was often more interested in the advertising than the TV programming it was supporting.

More than a decade later, I’ve had the great privilege of working in some great organizations with really smart people across Canada and in other countries on a few famous brands. All along the way, I was part of the evolving marcom landscape: from a world where print and broadcast ruled to a multi-variate customer engagement universe. I was lucky: I started using digital communication as a grad student – I had email and participated in online chats while paper and phones still ruled the day for most.  Digital strategies and tactics have now taken centre stage in our imagination, although I’m somewhat amazed at those who are still afraid to be citizens in this exciting new world.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning; no doubt the side effects of once having been a professional student. I love learning about the latest digital technologies, marketing trends, information architecture (yes, another one of my arcane interests), business and people management skills. When I’m not engaged in learning about the business of marketing, I’m immersed in scuba diving. I actively dive almost every weekend; I teach; and I continue to hone, upgrade, and add to my diving skills and experience. I’m still amazed at the technologies that allow us air-breathing mammals to visit the liquid environment with which we have a natural affinity and, some would say, from which we emerged.

Currently, I’m working on completing the application form for my PMP certification and participating in PMI-accredited education. I’m also working on getting certified as a technical diver to 165 feet. Once a week, I can be found at the Toronto Human Society hand feeding kittens.

If you’d like to review my resume, just let me know!


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