Beyond the buzz


What I Do

STRATEGY I love strategy. It’s the science behind every art, the reason behind the rhyme. It’s about the best way to get from A to B. Every action needs to be informed by strategy. Developing the stratospherical Big Idea needs strategy. Executing a project effectively and efficiently needs a strategic mindset.

CONCEPTING Backing up the How with the What…the tactics that will deliver on the strategy to get to the objectives. Is it a website, is it a social media action, is it a word-of-mouth campaign, is it a <fill in the blank>? The strategy tells us what the right tactical solutions are; too often, we get excited about a tactic and jump on the bandwagon with nary a second spent on analyzing why we’re using the tactic. Oops…back to strategy!

EXECUTION Being detailed oriented, I’m sometimes mistaken for or accused of being a Project Manager.  I’ve given some thought to this over the years, and I’ve decided that this is something to be proud of. My ability to develop strategies and tactical programs as well as to supervise the implementation and ongoing management of these programs depends on my detail-oriented style.


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